Winter, snow, mud and MX- tracks closed.

So, where to ride? Many provide a solution.

Our offer differs completely from all the other MX- travels:

In winter, the motocross riders spend an unforgettable

summer holiday - solo, with friends or the hole family -

incl. MX- riding in a familiar atmosphere and

without high extra charges. Our motto is: enjoy & relax !

Sorry, tears flow from the eyes of our guests ... - when leaving.


In the past years we were on the holiday island Phuket

with our visitors from all over the world. We always found nice places

and everybody deemed, this could not be exceeded.

Not so noticeable for our guests, but Phuket becomes too crowded

and too commercial. That`s why we were traveling in Southern

Thailand for you and you can believe us: We found the MX paradise.

Everything we have here much, much nicer and more relaxed.



You can get pampered by the sun at the beautiful, emptyMX-Winter

beaches or at the swimming pool, enjoy the life, your drink

and the great meal in the numerous beach bars and restaurants

during the nightly fire show and make practice on the

fantastically located MX- track in the middle of the island. 

Also you can go shopping in narrow alleys, go snorkeling,

diving and fishing in the clear water of the ocean during a sightseeing

tour on a longboat around the island, drive across the island with the moto-

or mountainbike and perhaps visit a party under palm trees at night.

For those, how need it: 1/2 hour away is the biggest party island

in the world located : Koh Phangan. Sorry, we do not have a huge shopping

center here and no dangerous traffic ... pure holiday !


There are many possibilities of accommodation for our guests:MX-Winter

from beach bungalow in various price ranges/ standards

up to a First Class Spa Hotel.


We ride on the by the No. 1- track constructor of Asia fresh built

motocross track mostly in the afternoon with current Japanese

250 F bikes prepared and fueled by us.

Our motto is: Have fun, so free riding.

Of course, if you need or want tips, we are there for you. Who wants,

can prepare himself for his next MX- season with the full range or

he make the diving license by the way.



In the period from November to February we offer you:MX-Winter

- stay ( 2, 3, 4 ... weeks ) in a house, bungalow or hotel

  incl. port transfer; flight not incl.

- Motocross: 250 F- bike incl. track fee, fuel, wearing parts

  Attention ! We are no driving school: not incl. are

  broken or damaged parts e.g. after accidents:

  handlebar, levers, covers and so on - same as with your bike at home -.

  That`s why, 500,- � cash deposit before each MX- riding.


All this already from 1.500,- � * driver p.P.; from 500,- � * escort p.P.


* e.g. 2 weeks; dependent on choice of room, number of drivers/ escorts,

  exchange rate et al.; excluding flight;

  more expensive on Christmas and New Year`s Eve !


What you have to do:MX-Winter

- book early enough / secure preferred date ( when full, is full )

- organize compatible flight

- bring your complete MX- protective clothing

  We recommend full protection incl. neckguard etc. as well as

  a health and accident insurance for foreign countries.

- and now only pack in Flip- Flops, T- Shirt, shorts

  ( You get everything really cheap to buy here. )


accurate price informations and booking via contact


price inquiry: how many drivers, how many escorts, when, how long,

request of the accomodation ( single room, double room, which standard ... )

There is no general price list. We will bundle a individual package for you.


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